Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology Clinic
School Of Medicine, University Of Crete

The University Clinic of Rheumatology, Clinical Immunology and Allergy of the Medical School, University of Crete, is considered to be the reference centre for patients with systemic autoimmune-inflammatory diseases for the area of Crete and the Southern Aegean.

Our objectives are:sidiropp

  - To offer high quality clinical care
  - To conduct competitive research in the field of autoimmune human diseases
  - To train physicians and health care professionals

During the last years remarkable progress has been noticed in the field of autoimmune and inflammatory human diseases.

  • Significant new knowledge is acquired about the pathogenesis, the diagnosis but also the prognosis of those diseases.
  • New diagnostic tools and the application of advanced imaging methods contribute to the early diagnosis and the initiation of treatment.
  • Important innovative therapies are introduced to the clinical practice and thus, the quality of life of many patients has been tremendously improved.

The staff of the Clinic is offering in daily practice these innovative methods to our patients.

In collaboration with the Research Laboratory of Rheumatology, Autoimmunity and Inflammation of the Medical School, the Clinic is actively participating in competitive research in the field of pathogenesis of systemic autoimmune diseases.

We are interested in particular in the pathogenesis of inflammatory arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis), of systemic erythematodus lupus and of autoiflammation (Family Mediterranean Fever). Our participation in clinical studies regarding new therapies is also of great importance.

Finally, we try to offer training of high standards to the pre-graduate students, young rheumatologists and nursig staff. For this purpose, apart from the daily training, our personnel take part in national training seminars/conferences (Interuniversity educative program, conferences organized by the Greek Rheumatology Association) and in International Conferences (EULAR, post-graduate courses, special EULAR seminars).

Dear friends, it is an extremely interesting period for Rheumatology and we are making every effort towards an active participation!

Prodromos Sidiropoulos